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I've been really unhappy with the quality of dog leads that people buy from the big pet shops, as most of them are unfit for pupose.

A lead which is too thin or made of nylon strap can't provide the firm grip you need to control a pulling dog - big or small - and you just end up with a sore hand. 

You can't control the dog, it's embarrassing and the dog doesn't learn.

My leads are the solution.

They're hand made from super strong but soft paracord, and woven so they absorb shock and offer a 100% comfortable, controlling grip, even when wet, sandy or muddy.

Each lead is 1.2m long and have solid metal connectors.

The Standard lead features a slide connector and the Beach lead has a unique connector which opens OUTWARDS, so it can't get jammed with sand!

Both leads come in two colour options, Red & Black or Red & Blue.

The Beach lead is slightly thicker (by two strands of para cord) for even better grip when wet.


Stop Pulling Dog Leads - FREE DELIVERY

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Don't be fooled by promises made by companies that just sell products, trust me, after over 30 years of experience I can guarantee that these leads are THE BEST you can buy if you need to control a pulling dog.

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