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Dog Trainer with dog

Dog Trainer Cairns

Hi, my name's Mark and I'm a qualified Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviorist. 

Over the last 30 years I've trained dogs, owned dogs, helped dogs, rescued dogs and studied dog psychology and firmly believe that understanding our dogs and learning how to communicate with them effectively is the key to successful training and the foundation of good behaviour.

I offer a Personal Dog Training service specialising in problem solving, such as lead pulling, reactivity to other dogs, barking, recall and anti-social behaviour, to help you and your dog live a happier life.

My method is to take an holistic view of your dog, including their health, their environment, the dog's attitude and the owner's level of experience, in order to develop a training strategy best suited to the dog's personality and your needs.

Although group training and socialisation is critical during the puppy phase, it sometimes can't offer the individual focus that's required to correct a problem, plus some dogs don't do well in a group situation with lots of other dogs around. That's why I come to you and work totally focussed, one-on-one in the dog's everyday environment.


A well trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes a happy owner!

Canine Behaviourist with Therapy Dog

Canine Behaviourist

I specialise in helping people rehabilitate rescue dogs and dogs which have developed common behavioural problems and offer a personal Dog Training service in Cairns and the Northern Beaches.

I come to your home and work one-on-one, to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your dog.

I'm Certified in Dog Psychology, Behaviour and Training (current), a Level 3 Dog Obedience Instructor (off lead), Certified by the Australian RSPCA as a Pet Care Professional, Certified TAE40110 Training and Assessment, registered with Therapy Dogs Australia and am Australian Red Cross Pet First Aid trained.

I hold a NDIS Yellow Card, a Working with Children Blue Card and a current Police Check Clearance. I'm also First Aid and CPR certified, and I carry $5m Public Liability Insurance. [QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited. Policy 118U009780BPK]

Doctor Dog is a registered business, my ABN is 84409959503 should you require invoices, and no GST is charged.

I follow Fear Free, Australian RSPCA Approved positive motivation training methodologies and I won't use harsh training tools like choke chains, prong collars, pinch leads or shock collars - NOT EVER! 😢

Being patient with your dog and understanding them, rather than punishing them and making them afraid, creates a much stronger bond and results in a better behaved, happier dog and a less stressed, happier owner 😊

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Cairns Dog Training Services

Dog Training

The process begins with an initial assessment consultation at your home with your dog. This will be quite intense and takes about two hours, at the end you'll have an understanding of your dog's behaviour from a canine psychological perspective, and we will develop a strategy you can implement immediately, to improve your dog's behaviour in a way which is practical and achievable.

You'll receive a comprehensive written report with summaries of everything discussed, including recommendations and techniques that will form the foundation of a training program with positive, realistic goals. This is then followed up by another training session to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to fine-tune your training skills.

Some people are happy with just the initial consultation to point them in the right direction, while other people prefer to undertake a series of personal sessions so I can get their dog trained up to exactly the standard that they need to be. The choice is entirely up to you and there's absolutely no pressure.

As a Doctor Dog client, you'll have free access to lifetime unlimited telephone and online support, discounted one-on-one block training packages, plus 10% off my Pet Taxi service for trips to the vet or emergencies. 

Cairns Dog Training
Two Dogs Being Walked

Cairns Beaches
Dog Walking
Dog Feeding

Dog walking and feeding service for clients in the Cairns Northern Beaches area.

Walking can be on a regular basis, for clients who are time poor, out during the day or may have mobility issue.


And when you go away for short breaks, I offer a feeding and walking service combined. 

I'm an experienced dog handler and Australian Red Cross Pet First Aid trained, so always ready in case of an emergency. I'm Police Clearance Checked, registered with the Australian RSPCA as a Pet Care Professional and also carry AUS$5m Public Liability Insurance. I urge you to consider these factors when you're looking for somebody to care for your dog.

Vet Taxi and
Emergency Pick-Up

If your vehicle isn't suitable to transport your dog, or if you just need help, I offer a pet pick up and collection service from your home to the Vet of your choice. I can wait and return or collect on your behalf at a later time.


I have a side entry vehicle which is fully insured for this purpose and I charge approximately the same km rate as an Uber - plus a moderate call out charge and/or loading if out of hours.

I can also transport your dog if your own car isn't suitable, you have mobility issues or if you need assistance in general.

Puppy Being Trained Puppy Playing

Puppy Proofing 

Embarking on the journey of raising a puppy involves more than just adorable moments. It's about setting a foundation for a lifelong bond and well-rounded companionship. Allow me to spend some dedicated time with you, guiding you through the essential steps to properly prepare for your new pup's arrival.

From creating a safe and welcoming environment to introducing basic training principles, we'll cover everything you need to know to keep your new pup not only safe but also to ensure a harmonious and happy coexistence.


Let's make those initial moments with your new puppy memorable for all the right reasons!


A well trained dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes a happy owner!

Frightened Puppy Being Trained

Meet Mavis

The Great Dane puppy with a fear of meeting

new people

She was extremely anxious when we first met, as you can see from her body language, but by using a range of methods, including cognitive behaviour therapy, she became totally relaxed and happy to be with me. A great success story and Mavis is improving all the time.

{Photography by Tara, 2023}


Just a few of my 5 Star Google Reviews...

Due to pregnancy and a poorly socialised rescue dog I had been finding it increasingly challenging to walk my dog. Mark comes twice a week to give my not so little pup a good workout. Leo loves him and you can tell by his cries of excitement when he arrives how he looks forward to walks with mark. Excellent value for money. We will be taking some dog training lessons once bub is here and I can commit to the extra training required at home.

Lizzie Cassidy

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